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Congratulations on landing at Luan Sifei's online portfolio!

Trust me, this is going to be fun!

Created by Luan Sifei
December 7, 2012

I invited you here...

Because I cannot show you

a comprehensive self through

a stereotype application,


A person is always beyond his application!


As you probably feel, I am a science student,

a computer geek,

But I'm telling you...

I am also a creator!

I create artworks...

Cover of Class' Essay Collection

Cover of Class' Essay Collection

Abstract of My Research Project

Abstract of My Research Project

Hover on images to view details.

And also explore fun stuffs!


Fly a Boeing 737 in a simulated world!

I design for things I care about

School MUN

Major MUN Conferences...

Beijing Model UN Conference 2012

Gradually I fell in love with visual arts...

I came to realize how empathic visual arts can be to convey an idea, and to tell a story.

Here, I sincerely hope you could join me watching a 5-min film, A Tale of Yifu Building.

DVD Cover for movie A Tale of Yifu Building

Explore and Create

Dabbling between the realms of technology and humanity, I tasted the power of the combination of arts and sciences.

I am an explorer; I am also a creator.

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More Films

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