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Hello, welcome to my homepage! --franklsf95

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This section is an index of the complete and incomplete projects hosted on this website. Some of them might be fun to look into.

24 Solver A solver to the arithmetic game 24. Produces fewer duplicates than other algorithms. 2016.12
Translate via Wikipedia Translate academic jargons using the all-powerful Wikipedia. 2016.9
SketchMe My social app startup. Know Thy Friends. 2013.10 - 2015.6
RDFZ Offers 2013 An online offer-tracking system for RDFZ 2013. (GitHub) 2013.5 - now
BJMUN Beijing Model UN Association for High School Students 2011.6 - 2013.9
Projects hosted on this domain
AP Computer Science Classroom Introduction to Java and Object-Oriented Programming (zh-cn)
Where we belong (Blog)
Mom's Blog (link not provided)
My Personal Blog (link not provided)
Test Wiki No particular purpose (link broken)
Other thingys
Check Digit Calculator Chinese Resident Identity Card check digit validator, written in vanilla JavaScript. 2012-12-30
Another Side of Me Dynamic portfolio for college application. Based on impress.js. 2012-12-7
Another Side of Me (for MIT) Dynamic portfolio for applying to MIT. Based on impress.js. 2012-12-7
Rolling Selector A random rolling selector, UI based on Foundation. Reconstructed. (GitHub) 2013-12-29
RP Calculator Calculate your RP. Written in barebone PHP. See also RP导论. 2011-8-19
Temporary Files File share.
Deprecated projects
Archives An archive of older versions of this page.
Contemporary Voices A prototype website for Contemporary Voices.
奶瓶腿 A Twitter proxy client for mobile devices. Once hosted at /n.
Embr A Twitter proxy client. Once hosted at /t.
Offers An online offer-tracking system built on CodeIgniter. (GitHub) 2013-3-31